I pray.


I pray that my family, friends, myself and all the world, will be free of suffering.
I pray that we all will overcome our difficulties.
That we will merge into oneness.
That we will love on the highest vibration.
I pray that we find the love within ourselves.
I pray that we heal in this life.
I pray that everyone know that they matter.
I pray to be a living example.
I pray. I pray.
I thank God and Love for saving me.
I thank the mirrors that surround me.
I thank the living lessons that I learn from.
I thank the tears that cleanse my soul.
I thank the signs and wisdom from above.
I thank beauty and happiness and joy.
I thank teachers
I thank people willing to listen.
I thank song music and laughter
I thank my blessed life
I thank courage patience and trust
I thank.
I pray.
I pray.


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