The Righteous Warrior.

What beautiful gifts/mirrors the universe bestows onto us. Everyone of us is a mirror and can teach us some aspect of ourself, whether it is something we wish to change or cultivate within ourselves, mirrors are expressions of our divine nature expressing itself in myriad forms. Whether it is someone yelling at us, judging us, seemingly not liking us or another whom gifts us with presence, acceptance and forgiveness, they are all gifts not to be denied, but fully received. Perhaps they show us difficulty and challenge to see where we could use healing and perhaps they reflect our most divine nature, our destiny, where we are heading- in the light of God. If we did not have mirrors, we would not be able to see ourselves or learn or grow. Thank Creator! I thank God for it all!

To be righteous is neither right or wrong. To be righteous is to love God, to praise God for everything that can be learned and that we can grow from. To be righteous is not the same as self-righteous. It is nothing of this material plane, not of what we think we see, but of the essence it brings, the beloved, that can be reflected in it all. To see God is to know God.

May it be so always.



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  1. …and to know God is to feel God throughout ones entire being to truly be on the Righteous Warriors path…

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