Can we look in the mirror and see our reflection?
What story are we telling, what view of reality are we accepting?
Do we see our beauty or focus on our worries?
Do we see scarcity? Do we see abundance?
Joy or suffering?

How much is it CHOOSING?

Do we listen to the inner knowing
Do we become afraid of the answer?

Do we fear aloneness, feed shame and the belief we don’t matter?

Do we powerfully choose what life has to offer?

Choose. Choose. Choose.

Let us accept what life has to offer.
Let us forgive the ego for trying.
Let us forgive the past
Let go.

Let us embrace the beauty and laughter.
Let us embrace what life has to offer.

And cry and scream and yell in between!
To release.
Always- to ground.

We are grounded.
We are rooted in the earth.
We are all things-
Joy, pain, and sorrow.
We are loving mother earth.
We are accepting.
We are loving.
We are forgiving.


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  1. A beautiful grounded reflection of choosing

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