Tears are our medicine

Embrace ToTaL experience.

How much are we suppressing within ourselves and each other when we say, “don’t” or “should?”
The other day, a son broke a glass and he wanted to cry. His mother said, “DON’T CRY!”
Perhaps the son cries over all his mistakes. Perhaps he has a crying “dis-order,” nothing can stop him from crying. Although, I am in no place to judge, is it not our relationship to ourselves that are in conflict? When things happen, we create a story about ourselves that feed a belief that becomes our perpetual reality. Until that relationship is strong, until the love for self is known, perhaps crying is our souls greatest gift. Our job as “other” is to simply hold space and ask questions.

Tears cleanse the soul, especially when we cry with an intention to acknowledge our hurt and let go and release that hurt to God.
I truly believe this is “truth,” tears are our medicine.


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