BEING vulnerable

I don’t doubt that there are many people in the world, wishing to integrate their spiritual lives into their personal relationships. On one hand we have our desire to love without conditions and on the other hand we struggle with our ego, that feeds on our fear of being vulnerable. Being vulnerable to attack, to judgment, rejection, pain- we find it difficult to accept ourselves and then we forget for a time, perhaps a moment, that we are the source of the infinite, God, unconditional love already!

We are spiritual beings sharing an experience. God sends us gifts so we can learn and grow and practice BEing- communicating, expressing, sharing, thinking, seeing love. We all have a purpose that is creative and unique and in service to our divine nature. When we forget that, we get scared of losing.

The source of our being vulnerable is the gateway to our evolution. If we are not integrating our emotions and thoughts related to being vulnerable into our hearts, then we are more likely to act from our old wounds. While our desire to evolve into the unconditional love that we are takes practice, there will be moments that the ego will want to snap back and pretend to be indifferent or careless. This must be forgiven. Trust!


Sit comfortably or lie down. Imagine yourself in a room, where you know no one, and yet you are completely naked. There are people passing you, gossiping, yelling, judging you, objectifying you. You have nothing to clothe you. All you have is trust, love and light protecting you. Breathe into your heart and breathe out love and forgiveness.

May we be reminded of the tools to love under all conditions.



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2 responses to “BEING vulnerable

  1. I like this post. It is reminding me to stay with the vulnerability, even when it feels so uncomfortable I want to reject it. The behavior to snap out of it is the pattern, so it feels safe, while the 'new' vulnerability will feel unsafe. And it is through staying with the vulnerability we are transforming ourselves into fuller alive beings. 🙂

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