Of a philisophical nature: the separation from God

God is unconditional love. Therefore, God would not have us believe that rape and torture are a creation of it. God would not have us believe that all that is done is because we deserve to be punished. God does not want us to suffer and although there are laws in place to which even God does not interfere, God only wants us to awaken to love.

God is all light and love. God would not make us wrong for living or playing in the shadow. God would not have us be punished or suffer. It is us that chooses. We create suffering. Without pain, however, we would not desire to be one with God. Therefore, through pain, we transcend to know God. God holds space. God does not judge what we do and loves us the whole way through.

We create. We create through who we are being- our thinking, aligns with our feelings, our actions, and attitudes. We create things we don’t want and God aligns with us through our being. At the same time, God wants us to learn and to awaken to peace, joy, happiness and the truth of who we are- LOVE. Because of this, God evolves as we evolve. God meets us where we are at. If there is something to learn within suffering and pain, we can be clear that it is God, who has complete trust and faith in our awakening.

We are awakening to spirit, subtler realms. If we choose fear over love, hurting and causing pain, we will hurt ourselves. Our ability to stay grounded as we awaken to this experience is to know God as unconditional love, the source of which is within human BEINGNESS. We are to be love- share, forgive, accept, create beauty, inspire.


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  1. groundedly beautifully said

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