Love and war

We have to keep trusting.

No matter what!

No matter who says we are less than we are.

No matter tyranny and mayhem that happens.

If we fight we fight FOR love.

We fight for unity and oneness.

There are no separations-

between “us” and “them”

There is no tyranny, that we do not do to ourselves or are also a part of.

To know this is to see oneness and at the same time,

to fight on behalf of God or “truth” would always be and only if in the name of love.

God is ALL love, unconditional, unwavering, absolute LOVE.

God sees no difference between “us” and “them”

At the same time, if we truly work toward love, then it is dissolving the illusion of separateness.

Can war dissolve separation?

Or do we feed separation through war?

When is love present in an act of war, where fear is not?

Where fear exists, the presence of God, of love, can not be noticed,

until we change perspective.

So think differently.

See choices

“There is a way through every block.”


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One response to “Love and war

  1. I listen and I hear…well said…I felt the passion of your conviction. There is a way through every block as they are illusions. It is like the line from the matrix "There is no spoon"…Thank you…

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