The evolutionary process

Through seeing and focusing on the commotion in our lives, we thereby create more of it. Through distraction, numbing ourselves, blame and shame, we give to “others” what we do not want to feel within ourselves. It is important to commit in advance therefore, that to see love is a choice and to be it is a practice.

Imagine that life is like a movie we go and pay for and watch on a screen. What we see in a movie, we expect to see because what we think we know about the movie, through the past actions of what it tells us, make it somehow predictable. So we pay and give in advance, oftentimes, what we learn from our past.

A wise teacher once said, “all growth starts with confusion.” Perhaps then, it is the practice of not knowing, embracing fear and uncertainty, and trusting so that we can watch a different movie and create from it what we truly wish to see and experience in our lives. This is coming from a place of no evidence, but of faith, that what we create is what we choose to see, regardless of what is being presented.

This can be quite a challenge; however, always turn to love and focus on the good of any situation. 2 of the 5 sutras for the times in which we live is that “there is a way through every block” and “start and the pressure will be off.” As we evolve into the Oneness of Love, the blocks will be our own self-loathing, emotional turmoils that we will need to heal from. If we focus on love, we will see that the impediments to our growth are in having been not seeing the love, as well as our confusion about what love is. Therefore, a significant stage in our growth and spiritual development is in relearning what love is.



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2 responses to “The evolutionary process

  1. Yes, great post. Evolution is the process of transformation-divine union. One must let go of everything, to allow the self to become.

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