Journaling thoughts…

I am grateful. As I write, I learn. I am on a spiritual path as anyone, whether we know it or not, everything is spiritual…

Today I got, what I was perceiving as the dirtiest look someone could give me. I noticed shame within myself as well as the defense of wanting to make her wrong for my shame and for her shaming me. Then, I remembered, “this is just my experience. I could choose a different experience. See love”, I thought, “and turn the other cheek.”

So I thought about how this woman was probably amazing to someone and that there were qualities within her that I would love as well. Also, perhaps it was only because she became a victim to life or because she was afraid of something I did that she had the moment to give me such a dirty look. Perhaps she wasn’t even giving me a dirty look but I was perceiving it as such based on my past experiences.


We can never know what one is thinking unless we ask. Therefore, it is ridiculous to make up stories or become hyper-aroused for perceived losses at what is likely to be our ego.

Only the ego can be hurt and defended by what others say or do. God, who is unconditional love, would simply hold space for our perceived losses/negativities and not make it mean anything. This, I truly believe and because it empowers and feeds me to think, act, and live for higher good, there is no convincing me otherwise.

There are a great deal of people that want to talk “philosophy” and debate whether God exists or not. To me, these conversations teach me that there are a lot of people (me included sometimes) who feel alone and unsupported and are angry and blame God. To me, this is because we were taught that we are separate from God. The truth is that we are co-creators, we are part divine and part animal. There is nothing to be ashamed of, but perhaps one of our purposes in life is to extract the truth from this belief in separation so that we can create more beauty, love, joy and happiness in the world.



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  1. Thank you Beautiful Meg,for teaching me more about transparency & vulnerability with your blog share.I acknowledge you for BEING the incredible Coach that you are. I Sooooooo appreciate you. Much Love & many Blessings to you Sista……….Love Always..Lovejoy 🙂

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