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The evolutionary principle: Shifting our awareness to love’s presence

Why is it that we sometimes wish ourselves to be superior, greater than, or better than “other?”

What would be at the root is a greater effort to be and see love in ourselves; however still, feeding the ego-ic machine that runs on fear, guilt and shame. The more fragmented we are into believing that those people we see are competitors rather than mirrors or aspects of ourselves, the more we judge and compare, forgetting to trust that we matter, every one of us. We fear not mattering. We project our guilt of being imperfect and we also shame ourselves for it. Instead of knowing that we all have a purpose, a function, a duty and a light that is our own unique expression of love to this world, we focus and feed the illusion of power and separation instead.

Because the ego-ic machine has been running our lives for lifetimes, it is very difficult to see that shame, guilt and fear has been the driving force behind our actions and that because of this, our thinking requires a rewiring into the thought system of love, rather than fear. This will go, not without resistance, so that their may be a struggling within ourselves to constantly be choosing love over fear. The feeling may be that of “madness,” an overwhelm of having gone crazy or may be going crazy. In this pull of light and dark, we may feel bad and guilty for having thoughts that are not in the thought system of love, but still of fear; however knowing that it is not fear we want, nor is it our desire to create in “others.”

It is valuable to know that this struggle is a part of the evolutionary process and that we are in fact evolving. Not everyone will struggle, but many will. We need only to focus our attention on love’s presence and not feed the thoughts of fear that lie beneath the surface. The more we direct our thoughts toward love, the less we feed fear. It is also something to note that “where thoughts go, energy flows.” Meditation is important, as well as being surrounded by healthy, positive mirrors and spending time alone in contemplation, writing, reading, drawing…whatever creative means to release the fear and direct our thinking.

May we fill ourselves with love and direct our attention to the truth that we are all God’s children, that we need not compare to know that we matter. May we move forward with in this knowing.


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The illusion of Power

The illusion of power was set up as a disguise to have us believe that we can possibly control anyone or anything outside of our own thinking, habits and concerns. It is not true that anyone can control us without us willing to do so. Perhaps, however, the illusion of power is so imbedded in our society and social conditioning that it would have us believe that the source of our strength is outside, rather than than inside of ourselves.

Can anyone really control me if I knew that the strength of God was actually inside of me? If I knew that God, who never lies and always leads me to love, was inside of me, would I need to look anywhere outside for this confirmation?

Perhaps this is where we are stooped into believing and therefore creating that we are victims without choice and that the oppressor can take our power without our willingness to do so. Perhaps, the true source of power is in our being, that when oppression happens, how I choose to think, act, and respond/react is what feeds the illusion of power and therefore creates more of it.

If my inner strength was so great, could I confront fear and oppression so that the spirit of who I am stays intact? When I think of this, I continuously think of Victor Frankl in his book, “Mans Search for Meaning,” who stood witness to the oppression inflicted in the Jewish Concentration Camps and yet, observed within himself the light or the spirit, and contributes that to his being alive.

May we see the source of light and love within ourselves and trust it, so that we may ward off and dissolve any illusion of power that would have us believe that we are less than love.

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A message: for both spiritual teachers and seekers

The spiritual teacher.

Everyone is a spiritual teacher or can be. There will be many more spiritual teachers as we evolve. Some of them will be quite young and that will confuse our egos into defense. Spiritual teaching requires a great deal of trust and faith in the thought system of love, of God. A spiritual teacher in the new age of Aquarius, will want to teach through deliverance of experiences and share wisdom that help us to trust in our own capabilities and inner wisdom. The teacher will have a “beingness” about them that expounds love, rather than separation. They will see the potential of love in everyone.

With this said, it is important to acknowledge that a great deal of spiritual teachers are not completely healed, nor are on a path of healing. If a spiritual teacher is not on a path of healing her/his own separation wounds, then it is likely that the teacher will still have a strong ego-ic influence, based in fear and separation, and will either hinder or limit the growth of the spiritual seekers that he/she teaches. This is something to be aware of for both spiritual teachers and seekers. That if one is teaching, he/she will want to be on a path of healing and if not, will want to be honest and humble in sharing his/her limited capabilities as a teacher. We as seekers, on the other hand, will have to realize that it is also our demise to create a teacher as “perfect” or completely healed, when it is likely that the teacher will still carry with him/her life lessons and is also a student on the path as well.

We will know how healed a teacher is by the presence and integrity of the teacher. The unconditional love of the teacher will carry a being of acceptance, forgiveness, love and compassion. The amount of projection and defensiveness will also be helpful to discern how much the teacher has healed.

To acknowledge that spiritual teachers are learning, on the path WITH us, can bring a great deal of acceptance and healing to both the seeker and the teacher. While a teacher carries with them great gifts of healing and wholeness, we can acknowledge and accept that no human is perfect and be humble and loving in this knowing.

May we evolve into the oneness to see that we are all students and also teachers. May we be grateful for the teachings and life lessons. May we forgive the ego. May we heal ourselves from the wounds of separation.

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Prayer of blessings bestowed.

In love.
I love God.
Getting out of the way.
I trust my experience.
Heaven and Earth.
Here and now.
In service to…
Holier than holy.
Light within shadow.
Unconditional love.
Of service.
More and more blessings.
More and more healed people.
Healings and blessings bestowed.
Lighwork energy.
Beyond imagined.
Faith and knowing.
Personal experience.
We trust
We are trusting.
We are trusting.
God. God. God.
Unconditional love
Evolving into oneness.
We merge.
Light and dark.
Light overcomes shadow.
High vibration.
Feeling fears.
Letting go.
Cleaning and clearing.
We are ONE.
Infinite abundance.
Creating jobs.
Sustaining mother earth.
Sustaining mother earth.
Praising God.
Knowing through personal experience.
Holding space.

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A perspective on thought

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thought. With our thoughts, we make our world.” ~The Buddha

I believe this quote by the Buddha reveals a 1/2 truth.

If everything that arose from thought were creating our world, perhaps this is why we have war. Most of us, if not all, struggle with our thoughts. On one end, our thinking is light; it is the thought system of love, of heaven or of nirvana. On the other end, our thinking is dark. We tend to hide our darkness, suppress and deny that it exists. We hide it through shame, blame, guilt and fear. What happens, however, is that the shame, guilt and fear gets stored in the body, in the unconscious and creates trouble. This manifests as projections that are seemingly outside, reflecting part(s) of us to be brought to light and healed.

It is not thinking that is bad, it is how we interpret our thoughts and try to suppress and deny them that wreaks havoc. While it is true that thinking shapes our perception, our view of life, it is not true that every thought that comes into mind is who we are.
To know this is true, because truth is love and love would not deny a thought simply for having it.

With that said, when darkness arises, ask yourself what light can we shed to learn about ourselves? What healing do I need to reveal about myself, through this thought? What can I learn about myself through shame, guilt and fear? Where did I learn this? How committed am I to this thought? What do I want to do about it?

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Healing by Revealing 1/2 truths

The truth is loving and will set me free.

Sometimes when we are told things about ourselves, we do not want to hear.
We do not want to hear because often times, what we hear are 1/2 truths.
On one hand, we have our stories and our experiences. On another hand, we have truth.
This truth is the way out of our stories. The truth sets us free of our past conditioning, our stories, lies and distortions.
When someone brings up our stories or things about ourselves that trigger a wound, it is brought up for us to heal so that we can see more truth than story.

So when a 1/2 truth is brought to the surface, will I choose to focus on the story or the truth?

The truth is love and because of that it lifts us from the fog, the stories, the lies, the energies that suppress our ability to see truth. The truth inspires and motivates us to goodness, to do and act in a good way, to move in a positive direction. The beholder of truth, the psychic, the therapist, the friend who reveals to us our 1/2 truth, that which has impeded our ability to see the whole truth, holds space and does not judge. He/she is loving and open; this catalyzes us to move in a positive direction, to access our deeper wisdom within ourselves and heal from the story/lie.

As is, the truth is who WE ARE. In kundalini yoga, we say, “Sat Nam,” I am love. The truth is my identity.

*What makes a 1/2 truth are our stories that mask us from the full truth. 1/2 truths need to be revealed and then healed to see full truth.

*1/2 truths take us to truth but they are not themselves “true.”

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Sacred Medicine: Panther

A poem written in dedication to the light bringers of the shadow…(not written by me)

Panther Speaks:

Shadows dripping in silver light cast from an illusive moon,
stir, then magically still,
leaving doubts adrift in the mind of the observer . . .
was there movement of shadow within shadow,
or only the illusion of such,
like breath caught on a summer breeze?

Sister of Artemis, and Guardian of the Gateway
between the Known and the Unknown,
you prowl the Night, bearing witness to the blackness
that exists before the dawning of morning Light.
Blazing eyes pierce the veil of darkness of Forgotten Realms,
to bring Consciousness to the Unconscious.

To follow your sleek and silent form as it glides
as a spectral mist through the night,
is to face the deepest fears that prowl the jungles of
the Human Mind.

When we learn to move as you move,
through those overgrown and tangled vines,
we come to understand that even in the darkest of journeys,
the Illuminating Rays of faith and acknowledgment
will provide us with the Light to guide us safely
to the Other Side.

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