Sacred Medicine: Panther

A poem written in dedication to the light bringers of the shadow…(not written by me)

Panther Speaks:

Shadows dripping in silver light cast from an illusive moon,
stir, then magically still,
leaving doubts adrift in the mind of the observer . . .
was there movement of shadow within shadow,
or only the illusion of such,
like breath caught on a summer breeze?

Sister of Artemis, and Guardian of the Gateway
between the Known and the Unknown,
you prowl the Night, bearing witness to the blackness
that exists before the dawning of morning Light.
Blazing eyes pierce the veil of darkness of Forgotten Realms,
to bring Consciousness to the Unconscious.

To follow your sleek and silent form as it glides
as a spectral mist through the night,
is to face the deepest fears that prowl the jungles of
the Human Mind.

When we learn to move as you move,
through those overgrown and tangled vines,
we come to understand that even in the darkest of journeys,
the Illuminating Rays of faith and acknowledgment
will provide us with the Light to guide us safely
to the Other Side.


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