Healing by Revealing 1/2 truths

The truth is loving and will set me free.

Sometimes when we are told things about ourselves, we do not want to hear.
We do not want to hear because often times, what we hear are 1/2 truths.
On one hand, we have our stories and our experiences. On another hand, we have truth.
This truth is the way out of our stories. The truth sets us free of our past conditioning, our stories, lies and distortions.
When someone brings up our stories or things about ourselves that trigger a wound, it is brought up for us to heal so that we can see more truth than story.

So when a 1/2 truth is brought to the surface, will I choose to focus on the story or the truth?

The truth is love and because of that it lifts us from the fog, the stories, the lies, the energies that suppress our ability to see truth. The truth inspires and motivates us to goodness, to do and act in a good way, to move in a positive direction. The beholder of truth, the psychic, the therapist, the friend who reveals to us our 1/2 truth, that which has impeded our ability to see the whole truth, holds space and does not judge. He/she is loving and open; this catalyzes us to move in a positive direction, to access our deeper wisdom within ourselves and heal from the story/lie.

As is, the truth is who WE ARE. In kundalini yoga, we say, “Sat Nam,” I am love. The truth is my identity.

*What makes a 1/2 truth are our stories that mask us from the full truth. 1/2 truths need to be revealed and then healed to see full truth.

*1/2 truths take us to truth but they are not themselves “true.”


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  1. beautifully said Meg. Sat Nam

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