A message: for both spiritual teachers and seekers

The spiritual teacher.

Everyone is a spiritual teacher or can be. There will be many more spiritual teachers as we evolve. Some of them will be quite young and that will confuse our egos into defense. Spiritual teaching requires a great deal of trust and faith in the thought system of love, of God. A spiritual teacher in the new age of Aquarius, will want to teach through deliverance of experiences and share wisdom that help us to trust in our own capabilities and inner wisdom. The teacher will have a “beingness” about them that expounds love, rather than separation. They will see the potential of love in everyone.

With this said, it is important to acknowledge that a great deal of spiritual teachers are not completely healed, nor are on a path of healing. If a spiritual teacher is not on a path of healing her/his own separation wounds, then it is likely that the teacher will still have a strong ego-ic influence, based in fear and separation, and will either hinder or limit the growth of the spiritual seekers that he/she teaches. This is something to be aware of for both spiritual teachers and seekers. That if one is teaching, he/she will want to be on a path of healing and if not, will want to be honest and humble in sharing his/her limited capabilities as a teacher. We as seekers, on the other hand, will have to realize that it is also our demise to create a teacher as “perfect” or completely healed, when it is likely that the teacher will still carry with him/her life lessons and is also a student on the path as well.

We will know how healed a teacher is by the presence and integrity of the teacher. The unconditional love of the teacher will carry a being of acceptance, forgiveness, love and compassion. The amount of projection and defensiveness will also be helpful to discern how much the teacher has healed.

To acknowledge that spiritual teachers are learning, on the path WITH us, can bring a great deal of acceptance and healing to both the seeker and the teacher. While a teacher carries with them great gifts of healing and wholeness, we can acknowledge and accept that no human is perfect and be humble and loving in this knowing.

May we evolve into the oneness to see that we are all students and also teachers. May we be grateful for the teachings and life lessons. May we forgive the ego. May we heal ourselves from the wounds of separation.


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