The evolutionary principle: Shifting our awareness to love’s presence

Why is it that we sometimes wish ourselves to be superior, greater than, or better than “other?”

What would be at the root is a greater effort to be and see love in ourselves; however still, feeding the ego-ic machine that runs on fear, guilt and shame. The more fragmented we are into believing that those people we see are competitors rather than mirrors or aspects of ourselves, the more we judge and compare, forgetting to trust that we matter, every one of us. We fear not mattering. We project our guilt of being imperfect and we also shame ourselves for it. Instead of knowing that we all have a purpose, a function, a duty and a light that is our own unique expression of love to this world, we focus and feed the illusion of power and separation instead.

Because the ego-ic machine has been running our lives for lifetimes, it is very difficult to see that shame, guilt and fear has been the driving force behind our actions and that because of this, our thinking requires a rewiring into the thought system of love, rather than fear. This will go, not without resistance, so that their may be a struggling within ourselves to constantly be choosing love over fear. The feeling may be that of “madness,” an overwhelm of having gone crazy or may be going crazy. In this pull of light and dark, we may feel bad and guilty for having thoughts that are not in the thought system of love, but still of fear; however knowing that it is not fear we want, nor is it our desire to create in “others.”

It is valuable to know that this struggle is a part of the evolutionary process and that we are in fact evolving. Not everyone will struggle, but many will. We need only to focus our attention on love’s presence and not feed the thoughts of fear that lie beneath the surface. The more we direct our thoughts toward love, the less we feed fear. It is also something to note that “where thoughts go, energy flows.” Meditation is important, as well as being surrounded by healthy, positive mirrors and spending time alone in contemplation, writing, reading, drawing…whatever creative means to release the fear and direct our thinking.

May we fill ourselves with love and direct our attention to the truth that we are all God’s children, that we need not compare to know that we matter. May we move forward with in this knowing.


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One response to “The evolutionary principle: Shifting our awareness to love’s presence

  1. mmmMmmm, and so it shows up for me that anytime I fall into judgement, the universal message is that I become that very judgement. I am thankful, however unpleasant, as this is evidence and proof to 'where we put our attention, becomes our experience'. Aaaahhhh, breath and miss you Meg~

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