The illusion of Power

The illusion of power was set up as a disguise to have us believe that we can possibly control anyone or anything outside of our own thinking, habits and concerns. It is not true that anyone can control us without us willing to do so. Perhaps, however, the illusion of power is so imbedded in our society and social conditioning that it would have us believe that the source of our strength is outside, rather than than inside of ourselves.

Can anyone really control me if I knew that the strength of God was actually inside of me? If I knew that God, who never lies and always leads me to love, was inside of me, would I need to look anywhere outside for this confirmation?

Perhaps this is where we are stooped into believing and therefore creating that we are victims without choice and that the oppressor can take our power without our willingness to do so. Perhaps, the true source of power is in our being, that when oppression happens, how I choose to think, act, and respond/react is what feeds the illusion of power and therefore creates more of it.

If my inner strength was so great, could I confront fear and oppression so that the spirit of who I am stays intact? When I think of this, I continuously think of Victor Frankl in his book, “Mans Search for Meaning,” who stood witness to the oppression inflicted in the Jewish Concentration Camps and yet, observed within himself the light or the spirit, and contributes that to his being alive.

May we see the source of light and love within ourselves and trust it, so that we may ward off and dissolve any illusion of power that would have us believe that we are less than love.


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