Remembering takes Healing

Life it seems is a process of remembering and then integrating what we forgot into manifesting something that is for the good of all. It is our unique expression of love and of creation that is divine. We forget because we have been socially conditioned throughout lifetimes. We have been socially conditioned through media, friends, family, education, religion, and even art. We have been conditioned to look outside ourselves for answers.

Often, we don’t give ourselves the time and space to look within ourselves and we don’t have the mirrors that encourage this either. Easily do we forget the truth that who we are is divine and with that is infinite creative potential. This is one reason we turn and hide, that when we are constantly looking outside ourselves for answers, we get mirrors of suppressed and denied guilt, shame and fear that make it difficult to feel and see the truth that is inside. This truth is the way through every block perceived. At the same time, we mirror this guilt, shame and fear so we create more of it in ourselves and in the world. There is no one to blame and yet it is important to know that One is the true source of power, that is the deeper wisdom that is within. With this said, it is vital that as we evolve, that we find mirrors to foster this inner growth and that we take the time to go inside ourselves and look deeper at why we do the things we do.

Guilt, shame and fear are often disguised as projections of blame, the need to control, be right, superior, and/or victim. They are often what lie beneath the surface, driving our actions, that anyone looking to learn about themselves and heal will have to uncover and acknowledge. It will be difficult for some and yet the process of remembering takes undoing ourselves from the sources, the mass conditioning and paradigm that believes that we must fear in order to be better. Few have really benefitted from this paradigm thinking, while a great deal of us suffer.

Because it will be difficult to see that many of our perplexing thoughts and negative feelings are actually created by us, we will want to process this with another. At the same time, always trust the light. Imagine light. Visualize it. Integrate it into the shadow as much as possible. Invite it in and more of it will come. This light is love and you will know this light is love by the peace that it brings. This light is God and is always inside us.

Until we learn to integrate this light, the process of remembering could be clouded with doubt. This doubt is likely to suppress our truth that who we are is infinite, spiritual and beyond anything dark or base or negative that we fear. In time, this doubt will reveal itself as one of the greatest blocks to spiritual growth and development.

May the higher purpose be served.


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