I pray that I may let go enough to see the illusions- all of that which prevent me from experiencing the presence of love. All the fear, all the doubt, whether mine or “other,” I pray that I continue to walk in self-reflective courage to see and be love, no matter what.

I pray that I walk in courage, knowing that I am a unique expression of the divine and that is enough to keep me moving forward. I need not compare myself. I need not prove to any ego that I am good enough, smart enough, or worthy enough.

I pray to distinguish all doubt from the truth that loves me and shows me who I am, which is divine and one with all.

I pray that I walk with the awareness of knowing that it is not God that doubts me, rather it is ego/fear and that this is the only distinction that I need to make in my life.

I forgive the ego, who thrives on guilt, shame and fear, and I am grateful, for it invariably shows me where separation leads and where I’d rather be, which is in the blissful state of knowing that love is the answer to everything in my life.

I let go of labels and I release the need to know. I trust that everything is working accordingly and in this knowing, I walk forward knowing that I am here for a purpose and that purpose is to serve the evolution of unconditional love, which is God.

I am grateful for everything in my life.

I am patient, trusting and I walk in faith that the love of God will pull us through all chaos, crisis, and illusion. I need not fall into the trap of believing that heaven is anywhere other than in the mind. In this knowing, I realize that heaven is a constant choice and that heaven is where all miracles live.


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