The Law Aligns with the Unconditional Love of God…

The laws align according to those who live in harmony with the unconditional love of God.

God would not interfere with these laws, as God would not punish his children, simply for not obeying. All God does is love and yet for some, the universal laws have been confirmation to have us believe that we are separate from God, undeserving, “bad,” or unworthy of God’s love. For many, too, the wounds of separation may be so great as to shun another, and therefore themselves, in disbelief that they become unaware of the natural law and succumb to illusion instead.

Oftentimes, to share this information will only create a defended ego. The defended ego lives in illusion, all of which is suffering. Illusion masks our ability to see truth to the possibility of heaven on earth. However, it is our natural state, that who we are is divine, eternally born from heaven. On earth, we have the potential to be vehicles for God’s work, if we so choose to awaken from the illusion, and realize that heaven is indeed in the mind, in our thinking. In this knowing, we can see every minute is a choice and all choices are opportunities to awaken and choose love over fear. It will be difficult indeed for making this choice may mean surrendering one’s ego to open-heartedly accept judgement, ridicule, and shame, for the sake of unconditional love, not seemingly felt or reciprocated in return.

When love is so often mixed with fear, it is difficult to discern. However, it is what we must do, for heaven on earth is not born of fear. Such is the case for me today that in a workshop, I was ridiculed and shamed for “being late” and not saying what the “others” wanted me to say to make up for breaking my word. I was an example for many and it was not personal; however it was a long draw for at least an hour, and many people were angry and impatient. It seemed a test, and to me, it was a test to be love. In this instance, I got to observe that in whose love I felt, I was deeply moved. In whose fear I felt, I was pained. How difficult, brave and courageous it is indeed, to be love, while in witness to a people that seems to feed the belief, that to give fear is to love and necessary for us to learn…

At times like these, I am grateful to know that God’s love for me is unconditional and that the truth be known, heaven, where God lives, is within me calling me to my rescue. It is choosing loving myself over ego that I do not become callous and closed off and blaming another for not being seen. It is choosing to love myself that I become energized to give more love-unconditionally, albeit, with a good deal of forethought still, extracting truth from illusion in process.

Blessed are thee who call to heaven, out of love, and who strive to love unconditionally.

While it is true that I have still yet to perfect and manifest what I wish on demand and I still feel pain and with lessons to learn, I carry in my heart- more trust and faith. I feel blessed with wisdom and perspective, more peace, love, and compassion, and a great deal of gifts from heaven that I have never been more present to in my life. And while I hear people tell me how much I must do, I see that the being overrides doing, so that I need not do too much to manifest, but trust and have faith that all is unfolding and all will come in good time.


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One response to “The Law Aligns with the Unconditional Love of God…

  1. YOU ARE MAGNANIMOUS!! Thank you for sharing your experience Akal Sukh Kaur….(A.K.A.) Magnanimous Meg 🙂 I LOVE YOU ! ! You ARE Such a Leader in the awakening of Love Consciousness…..You ARE Soooo Generous with your shares,Soooooo willing to…..BE…..vulnerable,transparent,authentic,you are an invitation to grow & expand ONE'S love….YOU ARE AMAZING ! ! LOVE ALWAYS….LOVEJOY 🙂

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