Medicine along the path: The gift of being shamed

This blog is a response to a good deal of criticism and negativity that came at me from a stranger whom I haven’t met…

There is no shame to feel sad that there are indeed people who say they are working on themselves and yet continue to project blame and shame onto you as if you are “wrong” or “bad.” When they do not know you and you not them, what cause is there to make wrong but feel the pain of the world. This indeed is the pain of the world for to make “wrong” and judge what could otherwise be useful, creative energy, of service to love/God, becomes suppressed and denied, consequently manifesting as guilt, shame and fear. So the cycle continues as traumas reenact to confirm the already existing belief that what is outside is “wrong” and that what is “wrong” is hopeless.

To view the world as “hopeless” is really suppressed and/or denied creative energy manifesting as guilt, shame and fear; for to deny oneself of his/her ability to create, is, in reality, what keeps us less than realizing who we are. So some may fear to realize that who they are is more than who they are being and so may be so full of shame, that to feel would be painful and think it better to give it to someone else.

To be aware of this is to realize that although we are One along the spiritual path, to be absorbed in the shame and blame of another is to hinder One’s ability to evolve, for to get caught in the negativity will only create more illusion, more maya to heal and clear.

Therefore, pay attention to those whom speak negatively and do not allow those whom abuse the gift of your presence to be given your energy any longer. Trust and have faith that all is meant to teach and learn that who “I am” is more than what many people realize in themselves.

May this be medicine for all evolved souls on the path of spiritual growth and development.


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