Channeling "my" higher self

You need not fear the ego, but forgive its sometimes relentless, pitiful and justified ways. Your forgiveness tells me you are trying and for that you can love yourself for.

Habits, tendencies, and life lessons can be a challenge. To become self-realized meaning to know and act from the true self is a surmountable and courageous act, living in a dream that often feeds illusion, separation and fear, over oneness and love. Challenging it may be that doubt ensues within every spiritual warrior; as is remember- “the greatest battle with the spiritual warrior is the self” and that it doesn’t just disappear. You just become more aware and so with this doubt, you must feel it and take responsibility for your part, as it is with you and you must separate from it so that it does not become you.

Do not fall back asleep to the dream; you need not suffer no more. Stay true to yourself, for your convictions are real and can help people.

You doubt because still there is fear of completely letting go. You must let go for you will grow in it and you will see more clearly.

You doubt your tasks and what I tell you but trust what you do, as it will help regardless. Where you see fault, learn and grow to do otherwise but trust too that your presence is enough.


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