Because I know.- a poem

Because I know…

When you cut me off, I want to curse at you and make you wrong.
And because I know, I do not react so callously.
Because I know, I get to see myself more in everything.

Sometimes, oh Lord, sometimes, my thoughts have a mind of its own and
it hurts me like a backlash..
And it feeds me guilt, shame and fear.
telling what is “wrong”
And because I know,
It is easier to hear your voice to my rescue.
That gentle, loving voice.
Offering perspective. wisdom.
Because this brings me peace
I know
and I do not blame you.

Because I know,
when I am held in judgement and all I hear are lies about you
I can let go and I can hold space.
Because I know.

Because I know
when I make a mistake
And I do not listen to you out of fear…
I can forgive myself and move on more quickly
Because I know…

Because I know
I sometimes want to cry in ecstasy
that you love me unconditionally
and I am free to know
When I am withholding love,
I just need to love myself
as you would have me know…

Because I know.
I am grateful.
Because I know.


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