Blocked by comparison

Is it not the case that when one is in a group of people with whom they admire and find inspiring, they often compare themselves against what they are not. Too often it is so that when one is in such admiration, they forget to see the mirror that they are in themselves and so choose the disempowering story, the dream of who they are not instead. This is a consequence of having not looked inside long enough to see and love the wounded child, all of that which prevented us from seeing the love that “I AM” in the first place.

When we look outside and start comparing what we admire to ourselves, we become disempowered, forgetting that we all have a gift. When we look inside, we develop our gifts. When we look outside, we give them away. No expression in the universe can match the creative expression of God inside ourselves. Because we look outside in comparison, we prevent ourselves from seeing this inner light and so we diminish it as a consequence. Doubt ensues and we forget; we become unconscious.

Therefore, be aware. For to compare renders the ego as driver, often in defense, out to diminish oneself or “other.” When all there is to see is the mirror we fail to see in ourselves, we give our power away when we start to judge.

Look inside for the wounded child that did not feel acknowledged and loved at a time when she needed. Look inside for the fear; as it is fear you must feel and let pass. Trust and have faith in the unique expression that is you and bless the mirrors that you see, for they represent the beauty and the wonder of the world, as do you. Be grateful that you see them and give them what they need. Give them your love and kind words. Look at the mirror of what they represent inside of you and take it as a sign that you too are on a unique path, with a special function that is yours, which God gave for you to fulfill.

Stop comparing and keep moving forward for to stay outside is to diminish your gifts and render them “useless.” To feel useless is to see a world that is “less than” and to keep them there in fear and out of truth. This is the suffering of the world for when we diminish our creative aspirations, our gifts, it is difficult to be present; we can not serve “others” when we are not loving ourselves. To move forward, in the direction of our creative aspiration, is to love and therefore see it and be it in the world.

This is the greatest gift we could give.


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  1. AWESOME ! ! Great awareness to share Meg…………….Thank you for BEING a great coach…… presence the consciousness of ONEness in every conversation & in every interaction….as YOU ARE, A LEADER,OF LEADERS, IN THE AWAKENING OF LOVE….. 🙂

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