the obstacles at love

The only law we really need concern ourselves with is the law of love. Everything we do that is loving, with a loving intent, aligns with natural law and this love is rewarded to us in many forms and expressions. SOmetimes it does seem to be the case, as loving sometimes feels like pain for having done so. Fear, guilt and shame are our obstacles to love. An ego that is not aligned with love, feels bad and thinks it undeserving to receive love, so it sabbotages all attempts at giving and receiving love. This is why to be love is sometimes painful.

To align with the natural law of love is to embody it regardless of the circumstance and this can be very difficult. When someone is yelling at us, often we want to yell back. “Stop yelling at me! It’s not me, it’s you!” We project our own guilt and shame by making “other” wrong because we fear of the pain for having hurt someone else’s feelings; we don’t want to experience their judgment as it would make it more difficult for us to love ourselves.

When I withhold projecting my own guilt and shame, I get to experience the fear inside of me. I get to see that it is not them, but it is me, responsible for how I perceive what is coming at me. When I withdrawl projecting guilt and shame, I can see that I am afraid and I can also see that the person that is yelling at me is afraid too. Sometimes I need space to calm myself, to love myself, because when I am afraid, I am simply not loving myself. I can not love the person yelling at me if I am not loving myself, and if I am not feeling the pain that I caused myself or “other,” I can not love myself or other. So sometimes, I need space to love myself and to calm myself so that I can see clearly. This requires patience.

We want to be aware of the fear, guilt and shame inside of ourselves because only then can we realize that it is in not loving ourselves that is the greatest obstacle to love.


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