To confuse the body as real and spiritual awakening as not…

A new day comes and still there are lessons: circumstances and challenges; illusion to continuously detach myself from while remaining in the heart of the holy, so as not to confuse the body and focus on it at the cost of love.

To confuse the body as real and spiritual awakening as not, would be to perceive the untrue and create more illusion from which we are to awaken from. Therefore, the cleansing of the mind is necessary and the body, which acts as a vehicle is secondary to its healing…

Pay attention to the signs and the visions coming through the body, for the body is a vehicle and also is a messenger for how to act. The cleaner our perception, the more healed is the mind, and the clearer the message therefore.

Trust in your visions of light

We need not be validated by outside for what is the healing of our own mind. For whatever vision comes, call it in and let this vision be a guiding light. A messenger that comes, which comes in many forms, and so we know it to be true that when an angel from heaven appears, we can trust that it is so.

They may move us to tears,if we let them, cleansing our soul of the lies in which we were taught but aren’t real. They heal our perception of what is true and not true.


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One response to “To confuse the body as real and spiritual awakening as not…

  1. Meg, many thoughts come to my mind reading this article. Someone once told me that everything we need is already inside of us. This article reminds me of this ability. "Therefore, the cleansing of the mind is necessary and the body, which acts as a vehicle is secondary to its healing" This is very interesting. Lets say you have someone with a health condition or a set of goals they wish to achieve in life. Does the mind lead the body or does the body led the mind or can they switch off. By cleansing the body, you also cleanse the mind, and by cleansing the mind, you also cleanse the body. Our body reactions can send signals (clear concise communication) to our mind about what is right or wrong for us, or good for us and no good for us and make perfect decisions without the mind being involved except to act as a receiver of communication. I feel there is one exception with listening to body reactions or signals and that is when emotional feelings are involved such as a romantic connection because romance is like a drug that can cloud or over ride true soul feelings. The answers are within us, but fine tuning our instrument (body) is a process of cleansing and nourishing. The ore we tune, the more we clear the signals and the connection to our spiritual self and surroundings. I believe the answers to be within all of us, listening to them would be one thing, acting on them would be another. and deciphering true desire compared to that which is influenced by the world around us, or physical desire. HAHA maybe none of this makes sense, but I loved your post and it got the wheels turning.

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