Seeking after the "special relationship"…


What is physical but an illusion that tries to separate us from the gross reality that who “I AM” is spirit, is love, projected in human form. As I fall for illusion, I see the suffering of the world and I start to suffer from it myself. I begin to feel sad, as if the physical form is real and spirit is not, seeking after the “special relationship” that will unite me with God, as if it could. When the special relationship lives to feel better about itself, to make up for what it thinks it lacks, it can not bring me closer to God, but only further enmeshed in an illusion of fear and separation.

When it is not God they know they are seeking, how can two flames unite as One. When the ultimate reality is Oneness with God, to seek after a relationship that does not desire the same is bound to cause pain, a “guilt of self-betrayal,” as stated in the Coure in Miracles.

So dwell not on any relationship that seeks specialness as its goal, for specialness is an illusion that exists because of guilt, shame and fear. For those too afraid to visit, they will not know, until they seek the courage to know. It is up to them.

For those whom seek to make real what is really illusion, have compassion, give love from your heart and when they deny your love, do not make it real.

Do not give what you think is love but is really fear, for always, you must discern this for yourself, and have the dignity to carry it forth. You will know it is love if you are centered.

“Once you have crossed the bridge, the value of the body is so diminished in your sight that you will see no need at all to magnify it. For you will realize that the only value the body has is to enable you to bring your brothers to the bridge with you, and to be released together there.

The bridge itself is nothing more than a transition in the perspective of reality…In the transition there is a period of confusion, in which a sense of actual disorientation may occur. But fear it not, for it means only that you have been willing to let go your hold on the distorted frame of reference that seemed to hold your world together. This frame of reference is built around the special relationship. Without this illusion there could be no meaning you would still seek here.
The period of disorientation, which precedes the actual transition is far shorter than the time it took to fix your mind so firmly on illusions. Delay will hurt you now more than before, only because you realize it is delay, and that escape from pain is really possible. Find hope and comfort, rather than despair, in this: You could not long find even the illusion of love in any special relationship here. For you are no longer wholly insane, and you would soon recognize the guilt of self-betrayal for what it is.” Course in Miracles



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3 responses to “Seeking after the "special relationship"…

  1. Things are not as they seem…….DO NOT judge by apperances…..

  2. What kind of "special relationship" do you mean? Can you elaborate on what that looks like with another person…an example perhaps?

  3. An example of a special relationship is any one in which the need to feel special is its goal. Often, we are hooked on special relationship as the source of our happiness and feelings of love. We cling to "other" as the source of love. When we cling, we also fear its release that if one party within the special relationship does what we do not want, we make them wrong. This is indicative of special relationships- to blame one party for the source of our suffering, simply because they are honoring themselves.

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