Replenishing the water, life force energy.

When one is not taking care, sometime the river will dry. When this river dries, the convergence for which it merges becomes “hopeless.” Negativity ensues. One must let their river, their lifeforce energy, their vitality, their capacity to be in the world and not of it, flow. Consider when the water dries, what is it that is needed to replenish it? Is there anything that is creating the water to dry up specifically? “Is there anything in the way that I have created to prevent more water from entering?”

When the water stops flowing, it stays still and after a while, the water becomes murky and dirty. No one wants to swim in it or enjoy this water. The life force energy gets cut and then it dries in its own self-loathing and negativity. Then, it starts to make everything wrong around it. It starts to blame and protect itself. It creates barriers around it. So the water stops flowing and the sun comes and eventually it becomes putrified and then it dries up.

When water dries and life force energy stops flowing, it creates a lot of fire. Is it anger? Ask Self, what am I afraid of that has me hold on to this anger? Is it sadness? What is it that has me afraid to let go of sadness? In chinese medicine, fire that is out of control is related to deep sadness, even mania. When the water of your coffers dry, ask yourself, “Have my thoughts turned toward darkness that I see no light?” or “Have I been living and reacting out of fear, that I stopped loving myself?”

Self-sabotage is often the case, in which we dry our river and prevent flow from entering. We sabotage ourselves because we are afraid. There is a part of us that benefits through choosing tendencies and habits, self-loating and blaming others. Eventually, however, the water dries and we stop loving ourselves. We stop loving people we are in relationship with too.

One must make extra effort at this time to replenish the water, the soul, the body, and the mind. Look at what way of being is obstructing the flow. Probably, it is a fear of some kind. Ask yourself, “how can I love myself today?” and do/be it!

Perhaps, when our water dries up, we may feel stuck because we have made more commitments than we can handle. If this is the case, choose your circumstance powerfully and that will be enough to create more flow, replenishing the waters of Self. Perhaps from this, an idea will come of what you can do. Perhaps, from this, you will realize your circumstance or situation could benefit you and another and that it has a purpose. From this, your attitude will change and so will how you feel.


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