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stay calm: short poem

stay calm, admist the storm.
when the breeze seems a bit turbulent
and the thoughts seem a bit loud.
stay calm admist the storm.

stay calm admist the worry.
and let your fears subside.
let go of thoughts of doubt and hurry.
stay calm admist the worry.

stay calm admist not knowing
and embrace the light of faith.
where heaven opens all its doors and always keeps you safe.
stay calm admist not knowing.

accept. trust. let go. breathe.



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When you confront…

Confront without shaming or making guilty.
Confront your own fear to have the capacity to confront theirs with them.

When you confront, do it with love or not at all.
Do it without attachment.
Do it with grace, in knowing that what you confront, it is not the truth, it is not the whole truth.
The truth is love and what you confront is ego.
When you confront, they may feel fear, shame. They may feel guilty.
The awareness that you bring may be difficult.
They might not be ready for it and it may come as a surprise.
Therefore, confront only if they ask for it.
When you confront, they must also feel your love, your compassion.
However, they may not be open to receiving it either.
So they may project. They may deflect. They may defend themselves for what is being confronted; it is the exact thing that they have been protecting themselves from.
This is why when you confront, you must do it without attachment, but with love in your heart.

If they are defended, get clear about what they heard you say.
Let them repeat what you said back to you.

Hold the seat of love for what comes up.

When you confront, do it without attachment.
Do it with curiosity and wonder.
Do it knowing that
there is no right.
nor is there wrong.
Only know that it may help them.
and do it without a care of knowing further.
Hold the seat of love, with compassion in your heart.
Hold the seat of love, with the only real knowing that
who they are is LOVE.

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exploring madness

When the “dog” barks, it keeps on yapping.
When this occurs, we want to shut the dog up, to be quiet.
At first, we do our best to nicely tempt the dog to calm down. We have it in our heart to say to the dog, “It’ll be o.k. I love you dog. Everything will be alright.” We hold the dog. The dog feels your love and you know it because he is calmer and yapping less. This seems to help not only the dog, but ourselves. “Ahhh,” we say. “The dog has stopped yapping and now I have peace. Finally, I am at peace!”

Then we put the dog down.

Momentarily, the dog is calm but then he hears a sound and starts yapping again. He won’t stop. Anger starts to build in the body, “Damn dog!” Any compassion and understanding for the dog becomes background to the louder voice that just wants to shut the dog up. Perhaps, one will do his best to hide the dog. He will tuck him away somewhere that he can not hear. He’ll put a leash on him so that any “others” will not be so disturbed by the yapping as he. Perhaps he’ll curse at the dog and go as far as to kick the dog. Essentially, he will deny, suppress, and project onto the dog his own lack of inner peace and understanding.

For those seeking to be one with God, who is unconditional love, the anger will be felt in the body. “If I am one with God and God is unconditional love, what would love do?” The seeker asks. S/he will notice the ego-ic mind running a muck, attempting a plot to teach the dog, and then see it for what it is: fear, a projection of shame. The seeker will be pulled between his seemingly “natural” impulse defenses and tactics and accepting the dog for who he is and knows him to be in truth: love, a unique expression of God.

For the seeker attempting to be one with God through love and acceptance, the effort may seem tireless and futile. It is important to find altenative ways of release. Healthy ways to communicate, as well as other attempts to release not only the built up frustration of circumstance and lack of control, but also of all projections of anger, resentment, and sadness toward any seemingly “other.” It is also important to take space, “let go,” when one is attempting to unify and feels himself “pushing the envelop.” Ultimately, our commitment and intention to love and unify in oneness will override the ego’s attempt at separation.

This is the difference between sanity and insanity in a nutshell:

Sanity sees love.
Insanity reacts out of fear.

Which one are you committed to?

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Vigilance in Truth: Overcoming Doubt

When in doubt, remember.

THe ego would love to have us fall back asleep to its comforting, yet self-sabotaging ways. It is that voice that tells us that we need to react out of fear for if we didn’t we would not last. Going beyond the ego, the fears, takes courage and more and more courage it takes, for to live a life of truly being one’s true self, takes more and more defiance of the ego, which it does not like.

The ego at this time, because of our awareness of it, gets louder, and yet because of our awareness, too, are we able to discern it from the truth that God, our father and mother in heaven, are guiding us every step of the way, if we choose them. This knowledge grows us in courage and we become unstoppable co-creators of love; Even still, however, feeling fear and sometimes doubt.

Doubt is a transitional period and it will not last the more we live courageously in truth. It is the ego’s demise, the struggle within all spiritual warriors. Doubt will have us believe we are less than love, less than unique, mere idols to be played and fed by circumstance, unsupported and punishable by God. Doubt is what has us compare ourselves, looking outward for confirmations of our deeper truth.

It is doubt we must kick out of our mind. This again takes vigilance and remembering. It would be wise to take time and space filling our coffers with love and wise words, affirming our place in the world through affirmations, inquiry, acknowledgment, and/or other forms of mantra.

For this we must remember that the one and only law is the law of love and the energy that doubt would have us replace takes vigilance and remembering.

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