Vigilance in Truth: Overcoming Doubt

When in doubt, remember.

THe ego would love to have us fall back asleep to its comforting, yet self-sabotaging ways. It is that voice that tells us that we need to react out of fear for if we didn’t we would not last. Going beyond the ego, the fears, takes courage and more and more courage it takes, for to live a life of truly being one’s true self, takes more and more defiance of the ego, which it does not like.

The ego at this time, because of our awareness of it, gets louder, and yet because of our awareness, too, are we able to discern it from the truth that God, our father and mother in heaven, are guiding us every step of the way, if we choose them. This knowledge grows us in courage and we become unstoppable co-creators of love; Even still, however, feeling fear and sometimes doubt.

Doubt is a transitional period and it will not last the more we live courageously in truth. It is the ego’s demise, the struggle within all spiritual warriors. Doubt will have us believe we are less than love, less than unique, mere idols to be played and fed by circumstance, unsupported and punishable by God. Doubt is what has us compare ourselves, looking outward for confirmations of our deeper truth.

It is doubt we must kick out of our mind. This again takes vigilance and remembering. It would be wise to take time and space filling our coffers with love and wise words, affirming our place in the world through affirmations, inquiry, acknowledgment, and/or other forms of mantra.

For this we must remember that the one and only law is the law of love and the energy that doubt would have us replace takes vigilance and remembering.


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  1. INDEED !! Kicking doubt out of the "house"………….powerfull & helpfull share………..thank you !!

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