The Guilt that Feeds Salvation

The guilt that feeds salvation:

Think not bad that guilt is meant to tell you anything other than where you are to acknowledge your place in Heaven. Guilt is but a sign that where you have been led to deceive yourself is not the home which you are choosing rightfully. If you chose with awareness of who you are, you would gladly choose Heaven but instead you choose suffering because you do not know. When you forgive you are choosing Heaven because in Heaven all sins are forgiven. In heaven, your Father knows that the reason you suffer from guilt is because of what you were fed into believing you are not. Let guilt then be an acknowledgment to your Father that what you do, you do not know and because of this, let it not lead you astray, but into the comfort of your Father’s arms. Your Father who loves you will carry you and this in turn will help you love yourself.

Your Father in Heaven forgives you but that is not enough; for your suffering to disappear also relies on your ability to open your heart to those whom also need your forgiveness. This is why it is important that you realize who you are: a child of God and not a mere idol playing the game of cards with his follies. Competing to win, to feel special, to appear better is but an illusion you feed when you do not forgive and although some may be more hurtful than “others,” recognize that it is not them and forgive them for they know not what they do.

Let guilt then be indicative of forgiveness and have them go hand in hand. Whether it is yourself or another, let it be that the guilt you share is but a dream that offers you salvation when you forgive and acknowledge it. On earth, when you forgive your brother and your sister, you will realize its reward because it will catapult you quickly into heaven, where you will feel yourself more free. At times, it may be difficult to forgive; you will not feel honest with yourself and therefore, the reward of freedom will come gradually as you trust it to be so. Have faith however that every intention to forgive is acknowledged and will free your heart whether you feel it now or later.


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