For the teacher of God…

The message is always for the messanger first; however, one does not need to be perfect to teach. In fact, when one teaches, he learns and in learning, he begins to embody what he teaches more and more. As he understands the teaching for himself, his presence magnifies into twice, triple or even greater times it was when he started.

Problems happen when the teacher of God does not realize this, however. While he teaches, he must realize that he is also still learning. So while the student/client comes to him for a lesson, they also come to teach the teacher about himself or a part of himself. The greatest teacher is the student therefore and takes every experience, every encounter, as an opportunity to integrate greater wisdom within himself.

It is to be expected that sometimes the teacher will stumble at his teachings and will feel out of integrity, for the love of what he teaches has not yet caught up with his actions of being and doing. The reason is because the teachings come into his life from somewhere else, not of the body, and is for the teacher to integrate within himself first. Though he may teach, the teaching becomes magnified when it is learned and embodied and so all teachings must be practiced. These practice opportunities can be a struggle at times as the ego will surely love to prove his teachings wrong and create for him doubt.

Practice opportunities are always and everywhere to forgive the ego. Rather than make it wrong and react to it, forgive it. For the ego is the mind of doubt and will tell you many things to sabbotage your best efforts at being a “qualified” teacher. It will sabbotage your greatest efforts at loving yourself and “others” for not being perfect. It will try to make you believe that you are alone and that life is scarey, so that you keep reacting out of fear and perpetuating it therefore. This is how the ego grows and yet it is important to not get stuck here and make yourself wrong; for reacting out of fear is what the world has taught you to do and since you were born to learn, it takes work to undo.

Be patient with yourself for when you react out of fear, it is the act of self-compassion and not of doubt that you move forward. In self-compassion and love, courage grows and fears dissolve as your commitment strengthens. Trust that this is so for the mind of God would not have you react out of fear but tell you that there is nothing to fear. The more that you see, the more Its love will compel you to teach and inspire and grow.

(As an exercise, you can read this out loud to yourself, replacing the words “he” or “you” (2nd/3rd narration with “I” (first) 🙂


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  1. Thank you for posting this, and for doing this work for yourself and others! I don't know how we met – it must have been on my road trip out west when I was doing my own self-exploration blog but I want you to know it reached me deeply today and it is of course perfect timing. Thank you!eliza

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