Special Relationships and the Contracts that Bind

When in relationship, it can be more difficult to maintain one’s own energy.
Generally, a cord is tied, a giver and receiver, an exchange of energy in which one lacks, the other gives, and visa versa. However done unconsciously, the cords are agreements that we make within relationship that, ultimately, teach us what we need to learn to grow.

Fear creates fear and so it is that fear perpetuates like a wheel turning with the momentum of whatever thoughts were fed. Fears that perpetuate within relationship temporarily seize fear through the comfort of another, through feeling special and giving one’s energy to make them feel special in return. However really what it can do is distract one from seizing cause to seek the root of the fear and dealing with it from within instead. The cord can therefore perpetuate fear through the self-limiting beliefs that another is needed in order to relieve us of it. Since also the need for distraction is from fear- one becomes at odds within himself, making himself wrong for his distractions even more.

So fear can perpetuate through our distraction of its cause and the time which is necessary to extract that cause seems to grow dim as the demands of the day and relationship grows within oneself. Now, one’s energy to believe in the Truth of who he is becomes shaken with beliefs not his own, and also with the illusions of who he thought he was but is still realizing is not.

The Truth we all want is to deepen our relationship with God and while we seek outside for this, the answer that we long for lies within. Thus, we must cultivate a relationship within ourselves, in order to be healthy in any seemingly other relationship outside. While the ability to have healthy relationships outside greatly helps and supports the evolution of one’s being, it is not alone possible without intimacy with Self first. This intimacy with Self is in reality, intimacy with God and is done through introspection, self-inquiry, and feeling Its presence by opening to It.

Because the expression of God is unique within all, it is difficult to feel complete while senselessly striving to maintain specialness within relationships, which we often end up doing. To seek specialness in relationship is to make up and distract from cause the root of suffering which helps one to realize their unique gifts that they are meant to share with all, not just one.

The awareness of a contract or an agreement that was made between two people within relationship is as necessary as for both individuals as it is for one. However, it is in seeing this contract as a gift in which one has benefitted at the cost of something else, that one’s grows and learns. Thus, whether the relationship stays or goes, the gift of what it brought is to be relished for without having it be shown, it becomes a tendency, or unconscious habit, that leaves us in the dark, feeling hopeless and without an awareness of its cause.

The gift which is the essence, the presence, and the learning is the value to be wholly is one’s own energy,which is that of God itself and nothing else. When contracts become seen, in which each one uses the other to distract from God by focusing on the body, through comfort and specialness, at the cost of seeing wholeness, then and only then can new contracts be established. Oftentimes, instead, we focus on the body and cut cords, only to realize that they later come back in a new partner or relationship, to yet again, be brought to our attention. Only until new contracts are made and the old one’s seen, can we realize what it is like to be in our own energy, which is more of love and less of fear.

Dismiss not the relationships that come into play to see what we do and don’t do to hide from love the pieces and parts in need to heal. See how we look upon special relationships to distract from what we want and hide in others our pain of what we think is not there but is. Let go of fear of being alone and seek unity within self to see and be complete and whole now, without neediness or clinging to a sense of it outside. Seek to know Self, so that when interacting outside, It shines through and the unique expression of It is wholly your own. Seek not to make the neediness for love outside “wrong” but affirm that it is from within we see ourselves, that another may look upon himself and see something wholly within that he may emanate It through his own work on how to love himself.


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