When memories arise: evolving from pain

The memories which arise tell you what you have hidden and are to be acknowledged and learned. While the memory may seem random and out of sorts, it is not according to the holy spirit; for what has arisen is an opportunity to heal through acknowledging the mistake or error which One is meant to correct.

While it is not “bad” nor is it “wrong,” the memory which comes into awareness is what has been unconsciously hiding, suppressed and denied out of the guilt, shame and fear of reprimand. This memory is meant to show the unconscious guilt, shame and fear, that was created by the denial of it having occurred.

The memory is responsible, at least in part, to the formulation of habits and tendencies, which create more guilt, fear, and shame. Thus, when the memory arises, one may not enjoy it to the degree that they suppress and deny it longer. This can create problems for the memories come into awareness gently at first. However, when long denied, the memories may manifest in overwhelming degrees as mental, emotional and physical stress. It is not because one is being punished that the memories or feelings manifest at such inappropriate timing and under stressful conditions though, for One’s desire to evolve and grow, perhaps unconsciously, has himself create “punishment” and dis-ease to become more conscious and therefore free.

Memories that come into awareness may manifest as degrees of mental, psychological and physical dis-ease when not acknowledged and felt and should therefore be considered a gift when they arise. The gift it brings is the opportunity to heal what has long become unconscious guilt, shame and fear. While there are degrees of pain, shame and fear, experienced in acknowledging particular memories, it is helpful to seek guidance and loving support when the pain is too great and overwhelming to look at. When it is not so painful, however, the memory can simply be acknowledged and therefore corrected.

When the memory arises, we heal that part of ourselves that reacted by acknowledging the mistake and opening our heart to be forgiven. We will want to feel forgiveness in our hearts and for this to occur, we want to process the pain there as well. It is also good to welcome the holy spirit, by asking for Its help. To forgive, also, we may be called to build courage and communicate, to apologize, to acknowledge the pain caused or inflicted by oneself or another.

Suggestions for when memories occur
how to heal them:


How come this memory is coming into my awareness?
Is there an associations regarding this memory in present time that I should be aware of?
What can I learn about this memory?
How might this memory have affected my ability to love in the present?
I acknowledge that this memory created pain for me (or someone else), what can I do to restore love to my relationship (with myself, God..)?
What would I like to be and do the next time this happens?

“I ask for help in remembering this pain when/if it happens again.”
“I forgive myself so that I can learn and be the best I can be, in service to my Creator.”


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