The Fear of Failure

Fear of Failure

One may look out in the world and fear failure to exist and so compare himself to a point of confusion that he stands still and does nothing.

The belief of failure is a belief of something at stake, a fear rooted in losing something, i.e. material things, power, control, love, stability, pride. It is rooted in a fear of what it would mean if loss took place, i.e. “I’m unworthy,” “I’m unlovable,” “I’m alone.”

All losses however are illusions that upset ego structures, which we either shed or build upon as a result. Oftentimes, failures feed upon each other through internalized beliefs that prevent one from seeing themselves clearly. So when failure seems to exist within relationships, projects, and business, the ego structures grow to protect from internalizing the belief, pain or loss, which it does not want to feel or acknowledge. Invariably what this leads to is more pain, for the ego reacts out of fear of failure in ways that are self-sabbotaging; through justifing, shaming and blaming self or “others” for having “failed,” one creates more opportunities for failure to exist. Through feeding the belief in scarcity, being alone, being separate, one is more likely to stay stuck in a fear of failure.

When “failures” seem to occur, One should therefore ask,

“What can I learn to grow and evolve, to be a better person than I am today, through this experience.”

“How does my fear of ________, reflect my current failure?”

When we see failure, solely, as an opportunity to grow, we can also see that failure does not mean anything. When things happen and we make a mistake or something goes wrong, we are meant to surrender and let go and see where we can grow and learn. Rather than internalize beliefs, failure is meant to shine light on our Oneness, through seeing that we are not alone. Failure is also meant to shine light on where we can grow, where and what the obstructions are that we put in our own way to prevent us from evolving into One.

When we embrace failure, success is inevitable, because we let go and are able to move forward. To move forward is to be moving in the direction of the creative impulse that desires Itself to expand and serve out of love. Thus, “failure” becomes a synonym for success in that it becomes a practice opportunity to let go, surrender, and see Oneness.


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