Tale and Prophesy

There exists many fears that can but be narrowed down into one. The fear of being alone calls one to react, to the degree of all other fears and leaves the Child of God forgetful and withdrawn. The fear of being alone, therefore, is rooted in the forgetfulness of one’s own nature and what he seeks to find is validation from those whom also forget their own nature. Thus is the world created, for the fear of being alone leads to all other fears and causes one to cling to the body, at the cost of his spirit.

While the spiritual warrior transitions from fear to love, he finds himself feeling fear but also aware of his nature, stronger than ever before. For what he now knows is that he is loved and in this knowing, he is protected with wisdom, grace and peace of mind. Because he now knows that he is never alone, he finds himself more courageous and with a desire to serve. With gratitude in his heart, the fear subsides. As he remembers Truth beside him, he knows It never leaves. It becomes his guiding light.

The spiritual warrior walks with those beside him, also, gathering light on their way. They stop and see and become attracted because in them, they see themselves. So they unite as One, blessing the world and bringing peace.

Now there are those who do not wish to see and reject the light because they do not feel hope and think they fail. Their belief is that they are alone and because of this, they do not wish success on anyone, except themselves. Their success is hardly that, for it is never good enough and because of this, they have to continuously re-inject the drug of what they think makes them but doesn’t. The spiritual warrior gathers strength in compassion and in seeing Truth, for while his light alone can not bear witness to Its correction, the light of All combine to point the way.

Thus, a new world is created, for the light that bears brings light to all, and even for those whom wish to deny, they will see that the light is for themselves to love and seek wisdom in their learning.

Thus is a new world created, when brothers and sisters unite, to bear witness to the transformation that occurs when we teach love by being it; thereby, we grow our inner light even more.

Thus is the new world created, when boundaries dissolve, and we see the Truth of all and the sameness in what we fear.

Thus is the new world created, when we see our light and know that something greater is what clears the path.



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