When fear and doubt emerge, we turn to God.

Think not that you are afraid for what looks to be lack or scarcity; we
are never upset for the reasons we think. What we think comes from somewhere else and that somewhere else merely seeks to multiply illusions and suffering. That something else feeds the belief in scarcity and would have us live in fear, withholding and withdrawn. It would have us practice the belief to such a degree that we create habit out of what it says, reacting to confirm that what we see is real. Hardly is what we see or believe the Truth of the matter. To our demise, we get stuck in views and one-way thinking only to portend more suffering.

When the time is ripe, the glory of God emerges fully alive in man. This is a time when man learns to pardon his old ways and instead,begins to practice- accepting and loving himself. “Over spiritual matters,” he may decide to take on the practice. Only until he willfully loves himself and “others,” does he open himself up to receiving the love of God. Through experiencing this kind of unconditional love presence, he strives to bring it to all his interactions. Though this takes commitment, the more he embodies the love of God, the more convinced he is that he is loved.

Leaving more room for God to enter, a “new” man emerges from the ashes of what at least felt to him like death. Fully enlightened, is he? Perhaps he is but possibly not. In whichever case, he a forklift for humanity, inspiring and uplifting all that surround him. His heart rings with compassion like never before and he finds greater delight in simple pleasures; for him, there is nothing he cannot be grateful for.

Whose will is it but God’s alone that leads us to discover peace, unity and Oneness within our Self. “Suffer less, dear child; so that I may be at peace.” God the father may say, whose will is for you to see clearly, your brother and sister beside you, united as One. The will of God asks that you not be afraid of what seems to be lacking and instead choose to open your heart up to his will to love: forgive, accept, and trust.

These are the markings of a spiritual warrior because the spiritual warrior’s greatest commitment is to will the love of God, despite the challenges and fears he/she may encounter. Through surrendering to love, one becomes more available to miracles and is guided.

Therefore, pray. When the voice of doubt, fear and shame are loud within you, ask for guidance. “May my will be thy will. May I want what you want,” is a prayer that helps us to align our actions with our intention to love God. Despite outer conditions, our commitment to see beyond what we think we know, see, think or believe puts us in alignment with the will of God. In surrendering our will, we grow our light and learn to listen. This is the sutra for the new age, “there is a way through every block.” This way is the way of love and this love is God, beckoning each and everyone of us home. Make this your will so that at all times, you are a forklift and an inspiration, full of peace, wisdom and love.

May we emerge from the ashes, brighter,lighter, happy and free.



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  1. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..AHO ! !

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