Perspective: when adversity shows up.

When there is adversity outside, it is really a reflection of the adversity inside. The mirror in which seeing causes chaos is when one is unwilling to look at the lack of seeing herself in “others” and/or seeing from a further range of perspective, that she create her own self-adversity.

Oftentimes, the adversity opposes you because you oppose yourself and until you start to believe in yourself, the adversity wreaks havoc on your state of mind.
There will be people in your life to reflect where healing is called for and they will come and go as people who doubt, deny, and even react to the gifts which you bestow. They may come at different times and take many forms. Oftentimes, we reject seeing ourselves and what there is to learn; we fight, we run away, we make wrong because we don’t want to feel the pain. However, the pain we must feel in order to move on, to realize there not true.

If we skip the pain, we often end up angry and resentful, judging and punitive. The truth of the matter is never at the surface, always deeper and harder to grasp. To believe that the adversity comes from your own self can be difficult to understand indeed. However, feel the pain, surrender, let go, and replace these difficult thoughts with thoughts of Truth and love. Keep your heart open and commit to see yourself within all. Then, you will see your “adversities” will be tackled and you will even realize them to have been necessary to your growth.

Does it mean there will not be people who resist what you offer? It does not; for big lights cast greater shadows and resistance to your light will surely occur. At the same time, the “adversity” once thought will no longer wreak such a havoc, as your confidence and courage grow to mean little in the face of adversity.

Love the wounded child? Yes, but even more, love the Truth and see that Truth in you as a gift and a light, with truly something worthy of being offered to. When you embrace your gifts with confidence, you will see that the adversity does not come without bigger lights to support you.


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