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A Message To All My Fellow Spiritual Warriors of Love: A note to take heed in difficult times

“Unreal love is another name for attachment, real love is very detachful” OsHo

(Tantra can be described as the Spiritual Warriors recognition of his/her ability to embrace love in a world that is constantly reacting out of fear)

Unreal love is compensatory. Real love is unconditional.
Unreal love seeks to be seen. Real love sees and therefore gives with compassion and pleasure, without expectation.
Without the healing of vision, real love does not manifest in form to its pure extent possible (with little or no fear).

Real love manifests in form when vision has been restored and fear has been replaced with the courage and the willingness of the Spiritual Warrior.

This is a process and an undoing.

Take heed.

Sometimes it is difficult to be real, unconditional love. There is sorrow and pain and discomfort. There is a lot of uncertainty in whether a person or people will love in return. There is still a great deal of fear.

In form, we all yearn to experience real love but many if not most of the world has been operating on a different variety of love called, emotional love. Emotional love is special love, as talked about in Course in Miracles; it is the kind of love we yearn for to get our emotional needs met, to hide our emotional wounds rather than uncover them so they heal. Emotional love is wounded love, in need of healing but in search of compromise and distractions. Real love, on the other hand, is transformational; it allows in love from the divine. The reason why so many people have not awakened to real love is because they have not fully allowed it in and because they have not yet experienced it in its purity through the body. For this reason, it is extra work, at times, to manifest real love within relationship and within ourselves. Any attempt at embodying real, unconditional love may feel difficult at times because it is, in fact, quite foreign to the body.

When one’s restoration of sight is still in process, the heart is left tender oftentimes. It is vulnerable still to fear. The truth carries on in an open-hearted person because the person who stays open-hearted in love is manifesting more divine love to overcome the fear; however, much of this divine love is not yet fully received or acknowledged. Thus, the spiritual warrior struggles at times and even doubts whether she/he is even capable for the task. The fear can be paralyzing and so may leave the warrior in a rather short or long-term spiritual depression.

The fear can draw sickness and many kinds of death, all of which are for the disillusionment of the ego. The more disenchanted the ego, the more real love can manifest safely. The word “safely” is used because it is the death of fear and shame that creates sanity (love). It is the holding on of it that creates its opposite.

Thus, however, long the journey may seem, however difficult the ego may grasp, what is required is the letting go of the ego, the fear, the shame, the loneliness and even the depression.

To move further, from darkness to light, one must stay strong, committed and trust. They must be vigilant in their belief of an unconditional presence and love. Integrating light, to all degrees necessary, the advent of Truth allows peace and wisdom to shine through and heal the Warrior. It is through peace of mind and Love’s eternal presence, felt through the body, that the Spiritual Warrior of Love is dependent and must remain open to. This presence is what gives the Warrior more courage to answer Love’s call. This call is always moving the warrior toward wholeness/destiny.

Take heed.
Stay vigilant.
Be courageous to Love Self and Others.
Let go.


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The gift of shame.

One would not think to realize that the gift of shame is great. Offering awareness of what has been hidden, the gift of shame offers us an opportunity to undo. To undo is to forgive; however many think that undoing is to be done with or complete.

To the contrary, undoing has little to do with how things look and more to do with the heart. Atonement, another word for undoing, is about clearing the air, the clouds of perception that block our ability to forgive and move forward. When we forgive that which shames us, when we forgive ourselves for the contribution that we make to the suffering of the world, we are more likely to make choices that are more holistic, unified and in the direction of love. In other words, it is learning how to forgive and love ourselves and each other unconditionally, that we are more apt to be citizens of change, trees that bear fruit and nourish the soil and our souls.

Acknowledging shame can be rather difficult for many and this is why is it a narrow road many do not think to travel. It is important to know that shame and fear are never absent within us but hidden in dark corners, which we choose to ignore oftentimes. For good reason, the shame we hide manifests as tendencies, habits and addictions.

Many do not realize (or consider) that their inability to confront shame is a result of many of their challenges, habits and addictions. A good reason, however, not to be blamed, is that we have not been brought up with the proper tools to alleviate the shame and fear that we all so desperately seek, albeit unconsciously.
While the gift of shame is an opportunity to build being- such as forgiveness, trust, faith, self-love, and compassion, many if not most of us were taught to focus rather on doing, manifesting, and creating.

A good question to ask in this case is, “Who is doing the creating?” Is it an ego that lives on fear and shame or an ego whose mind is directed toward God or Love? Some may contend that God is something to fear and that our shaming is our salvation from God. At the root of all of our undoing, lies this belief.

Thus, to become a creator of miracles, to become a bearer of light, purification is necessary and that purification lies not in shaming our shame or being perfect. Rather in acknowledging shame, we are offered an opportunity to forgive, to trust, and to build being.

It is in building being that we catalyze change.

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Shining light on sexual repression: A return to Innocence

The innocent are on a different ground than that of the battlefield. The battlefield for many is full of contradiction, war and hate. Underneath it at the root is deeply embedded shame and fear passed on from generations. For the innocent however, the battleground is more like a playground. The playground might look the same as the battle ground to many; however the innocent are brought to higher heights of awareness that leaves them curious, tender and compassionate. Thus what looks to be a battleground is intermixed with opportunities that abound, flashes of light that those at war can not see.

The less pure of heart, clouded with shame and fear, therefore may look upon the innocent with shaming eyes. They do not want to leave their battleground and so keep fighting- suppressing and denying the true nature of their Source. Any realization to them that their battleground is nothing more than a playground, when they raise their awareness, leaves them ashamed and in fear, for why would they fight if this were true? Resentment fills the repressed, especially the sexually repressed. Resentment, anger and a lot of projection are full of the sexually repressed. They do not know what to do with their attacking thoughts and because society looks upon them with judging eyes, they sit on their anger and don’t get up.

The sexually repressed do not budge until they are willing to heal, which entails a letting go of limiting beliefs. Until then, they sit and sit and sit with their limiting beliefs, stuffing what only gets bigger when they get up. The sexually repressed are never relaxed therefore. They are constantly doing things to make up for their discomfort and are consistently on guard and ready to fight.

When the innocent comes to greet them, they turn away very quickly. What they see in the innocent is themselves, but pure, sensual, and light. Feelings arise within seeing them much long forgotten.

When someone is pure of heart, we can no longer repress our anger, our shame and fear. When the innocent come forth, more light comes into the impure to be brought to awareness and healed. However, because so much has been repressed, the mind begins to fill even more with sex, shame and fear. This is the case for many individuals who are or have been sexually abused.

For healing to occur, the sexually repressed must be seen in us all. In shades of grey, to some degree, we all have denied and repressed the shame and fear of being a sexual and sensual being. For sexual repression does not just impact our limiting views and beliefs about sex, but even more, it impacts our relationship we have with ourselves about how much we can create, that is bring light, in the world. Sexual repression is seen is most facades of life as the polarity of belief in what it means to be a man and a woman, what it means to be in relationship and what it means to love. When we can love the shame and confront the fear, when we can integrate love into our shadowy thoughts, the light of the innocent, that is, the light of God, shines more fully in ourselves. It is in uncovering the layers of fear and shame, peeling back the old, that we can uncover what has always been- the purity of the soul.

In seeing the purity of our soul, we become powerful, courageous and full of light.

It is a process, an undoing, and a healing that we obtain the courage to love.

May we all be powerful, courageous and in love.

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