Shining light on sexual repression: A return to Innocence

The innocent are on a different ground than that of the battlefield. The battlefield for many is full of contradiction, war and hate. Underneath it at the root is deeply embedded shame and fear passed on from generations. For the innocent however, the battleground is more like a playground. The playground might look the same as the battle ground to many; however the innocent are brought to higher heights of awareness that leaves them curious, tender and compassionate. Thus what looks to be a battleground is intermixed with opportunities that abound, flashes of light that those at war can not see.

The less pure of heart, clouded with shame and fear, therefore may look upon the innocent with shaming eyes. They do not want to leave their battleground and so keep fighting- suppressing and denying the true nature of their Source. Any realization to them that their battleground is nothing more than a playground, when they raise their awareness, leaves them ashamed and in fear, for why would they fight if this were true? Resentment fills the repressed, especially the sexually repressed. Resentment, anger and a lot of projection are full of the sexually repressed. They do not know what to do with their attacking thoughts and because society looks upon them with judging eyes, they sit on their anger and don’t get up.

The sexually repressed do not budge until they are willing to heal, which entails a letting go of limiting beliefs. Until then, they sit and sit and sit with their limiting beliefs, stuffing what only gets bigger when they get up. The sexually repressed are never relaxed therefore. They are constantly doing things to make up for their discomfort and are consistently on guard and ready to fight.

When the innocent comes to greet them, they turn away very quickly. What they see in the innocent is themselves, but pure, sensual, and light. Feelings arise within seeing them much long forgotten.

When someone is pure of heart, we can no longer repress our anger, our shame and fear. When the innocent come forth, more light comes into the impure to be brought to awareness and healed. However, because so much has been repressed, the mind begins to fill even more with sex, shame and fear. This is the case for many individuals who are or have been sexually abused.

For healing to occur, the sexually repressed must be seen in us all. In shades of grey, to some degree, we all have denied and repressed the shame and fear of being a sexual and sensual being. For sexual repression does not just impact our limiting views and beliefs about sex, but even more, it impacts our relationship we have with ourselves about how much we can create, that is bring light, in the world. Sexual repression is seen is most facades of life as the polarity of belief in what it means to be a man and a woman, what it means to be in relationship and what it means to love. When we can love the shame and confront the fear, when we can integrate love into our shadowy thoughts, the light of the innocent, that is, the light of God, shines more fully in ourselves. It is in uncovering the layers of fear and shame, peeling back the old, that we can uncover what has always been- the purity of the soul.

In seeing the purity of our soul, we become powerful, courageous and full of light.

It is a process, an undoing, and a healing that we obtain the courage to love.

May we all be powerful, courageous and in love.


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