The gift of shame.

One would not think to realize that the gift of shame is great. Offering awareness of what has been hidden, the gift of shame offers us an opportunity to undo. To undo is to forgive; however many think that undoing is to be done with or complete.

To the contrary, undoing has little to do with how things look and more to do with the heart. Atonement, another word for undoing, is about clearing the air, the clouds of perception that block our ability to forgive and move forward. When we forgive that which shames us, when we forgive ourselves for the contribution that we make to the suffering of the world, we are more likely to make choices that are more holistic, unified and in the direction of love. In other words, it is learning how to forgive and love ourselves and each other unconditionally, that we are more apt to be citizens of change, trees that bear fruit and nourish the soil and our souls.

Acknowledging shame can be rather difficult for many and this is why is it a narrow road many do not think to travel. It is important to know that shame and fear are never absent within us but hidden in dark corners, which we choose to ignore oftentimes. For good reason, the shame we hide manifests as tendencies, habits and addictions.

Many do not realize (or consider) that their inability to confront shame is a result of many of their challenges, habits and addictions. A good reason, however, not to be blamed, is that we have not been brought up with the proper tools to alleviate the shame and fear that we all so desperately seek, albeit unconsciously.
While the gift of shame is an opportunity to build being- such as forgiveness, trust, faith, self-love, and compassion, many if not most of us were taught to focus rather on doing, manifesting, and creating.

A good question to ask in this case is, “Who is doing the creating?” Is it an ego that lives on fear and shame or an ego whose mind is directed toward God or Love? Some may contend that God is something to fear and that our shaming is our salvation from God. At the root of all of our undoing, lies this belief.

Thus, to become a creator of miracles, to become a bearer of light, purification is necessary and that purification lies not in shaming our shame or being perfect. Rather in acknowledging shame, we are offered an opportunity to forgive, to trust, and to build being.

It is in building being that we catalyze change.


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  1. Beautifully written Paloma.Thank you for sharing your insights with All of Us. I Acknowledge you for Being a courageous Leader in the Awakening of Love

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