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He who blames, thinks he is alone, but isn’t.

The challenge comes not in circumstance but in thinking we are alone.

“For he who blames, thinks he is alone, but isn’t.”

When we fear, we blame and it is in blaming that we miss the mark, thinking we are alone. What is there to react to but this belief that we are separate and therefore alone, that creates the world into believing there is much to fear and that love must be compromised because of circumstance? For this reason, the world was created. It is out of duality that we remember our roots and desire non-separateness; however, because of fear, we often multiply illusions for a time. It is in not reacting but believing in the source of All-that-is, that we overcome circumstance and bring each other home: to heaven, where we are in peace and unafraid, where limitless spirit comes and awaken us.

It is in this that the seeds of being are sown. In being, we are full of spirit; we trust, we have grace, we forgive, comfort, heal and bless. Through this, all things are possible; the grandeur of God, comes to inspire and create beautiful things. Although much tension and angst may be created in the process of undoing ourselves from blame, the projection of guilt, the practice is in trusting that through a higher intelligence, all things are possible. We are never alone.

What happens oftentimes is resistance to circumstance, doubt and fear. The fear is of thinking we are separate and alone. With circumstances to overcome, we often grow bitter because of this belief. The projection of guilt, we have been taught, is the means of salvation and therefore, warranted to be the correction of all error. While we do this, we hurt ourselves. It is our inherent goodness that we trust and know that, as stated in Course in Miracles, “there is nothing to fear.”

To overcome challenges, one must see through to the heart and forgive. Also, one must trust: “there is nothing to fear.” I am never alone. There is a way through the madness, other than to retaliate, blame and project guilt.


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Perspective: How to treat and forgive a little "brat"

This came through in my wonder of how to treat my little “bratty” nephew. 🙂 Opportunity knocks!

Teach by example and that is all

The cultivation of patience, tolerance, trust, honesty, gentleness and even joy are all personal matters. One can not learn on matters of the heart, without experience or wonder. Therefore, when teaching children, it is unnecessary to freight. Naturally, the child becomes curious when looked upon with wonder rather than intolerance and impatience. It is intolerant to believe one should listen without explanation nor should they have to listen by control, obedience or law alone. For what is taught is mostly taught by example and so the greatest force you can contribute to this world is in the practice of attaining Truth within yourself, not outside.

One may teach Truth, but often we all are to degrees. Not without fear is it intermixed, that the Truth gets watered down, confusing, befumbling to those whom receive. The best thing to do is to be an example. In being an example, one is more likely to discern within their mind and without words, accept with gentle eyes. With the compassion and love that replaces all fear, does the “teacher” transmit to her child and even to those whom aren’t, the love of Creation.

One may wonder when enough is enough. The child says “No” and demands respect and yet, does not know how to give it. However often, they are treated as little, when in fact, the Truth is in them,as it is in all. Many or most, do not see themselves in the child nor would they proclaim to be as little as the child. However, in reality, the child is them, some parts of which suppressed and denied; they grow angry and bitter without peace of mind.

Everything is a manifestation of something more deeply rooted than the superficial. The “problem” is often not the issue but the symptom of something greater and in need of healing. Thus, while the gentle eyes of compassion and warmth are the rarest gifts of humankind, the child may bring up the wound within the healer/parent/teacher and therefore, be the the medicine to a much greater awareness of themselves. The challenge, of course, is in accepting the gift, the moment of challenge and confrontation, as an opportunity to work on Self rather than on another. What often happens, however, is that intolerance and impatience are fed, the wound doesn’t heal, and punishment or guilt is transmitted instead.

The cultivation of Spirit is not in preaching, but by sharing experiences and being an example. If intolerance, impatience and neglect are felt, if meanness is transmitted from child to parent or teacher or healer, the question to ask is how one might do this within themselves.

How might I improve the quality of intolerance and impatience within myself?
What do I need when I am being intolerant, impatient and mean?
What would I like from others when I am feeling intolerant, impatient and mean?

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To die is to love

“I seek but what belongs to me in truth. And joy and peace are my inheritance.”
Course in Miracles

To seek for what belongs to us in truth is to constantly be moving in the direction of joy, peace and happiness. By means of focusing on joy, peace and happiness in all that we do, we can measure how connected we are to the Infinite Source within ourselves. Joy, peace and happiness are our inherent gifts; since we are all children of God, we all have the capacity, regardless of circumstance, to overcome challenges.

It may be the case at times that we do not seem to realize that it is joy, peace or happiness we are moving toward. While it is what we all want, obstacles and challenges occur that make living love seem difficult. Little do we know that when this occurs, it is often because rather than life, we seek death instead.

The paradox of life is that death is a part of life. To desire the death of the false self is to love and to love is to be constantly moving in the direction of peace, joy and happiness. We are often unconscious of the death that we seek however. For this reason, death causes more angst and suffering, making it more difficult to realize or overcome the challenge. With this said, we can portend that death is a prerequisite to love; however if unaware, we are more likely to prolong our death. By holding on to the body, at the cost of the spirit, we fall asleep to purpose, which is constantly moving us in the direction of love. Thus, the death of the false self lingers on when one is unaware that the spirit, regardless of how things may look on the physical level, is constantly moving us in the direction of Truth- happiness, joy and peace.

Death is a necessary product of life. While there is just one physical death, the reality is that the death of the false self, the ego, is what evolves us. It is required in order to increase our capacity to love. Many people choose to numb, suppress and deny the death of their false self and for this reason, live a slow death of the body, with less joy and happiness for them to access. One can say that the more deaths one is willing to bear, the greater the capacity to love- the more joy, peace and happiness is available. Faith and trust in an Infinite Source is paramount to moving forward; while spirit is stronger and more aware of itself as Infinite potential, the body is dense and constantly in need of reminders. If one does not seek to replenish their spirit because of fear, the body is more likely to become forgetful, becoming more dense and depleting.

Spiritual growth and development, ultimately is about learning how to be in the unknown and accept life’s challenges rather than resist them. One can therefore say that the greater the trust, the deeper our capacity to live love. Thus, our challenges and obstacles at living love is constantly confronting and therefore strengthening our faith- our belief in Spirit, the Truth of who we are.

When obstacles to growth and challenges occur, it is most beneficial to know that the necessary outcome is more Truth, more trust in ourselves, as a part of Infinite Source. It is best to focus on the outcome of what One can learn than to dwell in death, to acknowledge the challenge as a necessary death, but to focus on the spiritual qualities that are being derived from the experience.

This is how we evolve and grow spiritually.

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