He who blames, thinks he is alone, but isn’t.

The challenge comes not in circumstance but in thinking we are alone.

“For he who blames, thinks he is alone, but isn’t.”

When we fear, we blame and it is in blaming that we miss the mark, thinking we are alone. What is there to react to but this belief that we are separate and therefore alone, that creates the world into believing there is much to fear and that love must be compromised because of circumstance? For this reason, the world was created. It is out of duality that we remember our roots and desire non-separateness; however, because of fear, we often multiply illusions for a time. It is in not reacting but believing in the source of All-that-is, that we overcome circumstance and bring each other home: to heaven, where we are in peace and unafraid, where limitless spirit comes and awaken us.

It is in this that the seeds of being are sown. In being, we are full of spirit; we trust, we have grace, we forgive, comfort, heal and bless. Through this, all things are possible; the grandeur of God, comes to inspire and create beautiful things. Although much tension and angst may be created in the process of undoing ourselves from blame, the projection of guilt, the practice is in trusting that through a higher intelligence, all things are possible. We are never alone.

What happens oftentimes is resistance to circumstance, doubt and fear. The fear is of thinking we are separate and alone. With circumstances to overcome, we often grow bitter because of this belief. The projection of guilt, we have been taught, is the means of salvation and therefore, warranted to be the correction of all error. While we do this, we hurt ourselves. It is our inherent goodness that we trust and know that, as stated in Course in Miracles, “there is nothing to fear.”

To overcome challenges, one must see through to the heart and forgive. Also, one must trust: “there is nothing to fear.” I am never alone. There is a way through the madness, other than to retaliate, blame and project guilt.


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  1. Transformation Is enMotion……

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