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The Choice: Truth or Illusion

The CHoice: toward spiritual evolution

In the LIght of the Shadow

There will be choices along the path.  These choices are opportunities to choose oneness or fear.  The choice is your awareness of both the light and the shadow in a situation and within yourself.  When you are aware of both the light and shadow, you can make a choice.  Ask yourself: “Do I want truth or illusion?”  “Do I want unconditional love, oneness, peace, harmony, joy or do I wish to multiply illusions, feeding a belief in fear, shame, guilt and separation.”

“ Everything you see is a result of your thoughts.  There is no exception to this fact.  Thoughts are not big or little; powerful or weak.  They are merely true or false.  Those that are true create their own likeness.  those that are false make theirs.”

_Course in Miracles

When we identify with the shadow and think we deserve it, that we are punishable or otherwise in need of remorse, the shadow seems to consume us and so does our outward picture of “life.”  Thus, when we identify with the shadow, it creates more illusions around us.  When we have the subtle awareness of both light and shadow- truth or illusion- we are more apt to choose the light, because the light is who we really are in Truth.  The discernment between truth and illusion becomes clearer when perception dissolves into clarity.

In light of the shadow, we choose love.  In light of the shadow, we see it for what it is and integrate what our heart says is best.  In light of the shadow, we raise our hearts and minds to a higher purpose, to see Truth as love, the only reality.  We acknowledge in the past that we have denied and forgotten love because of fear; however as the choice becomes clearer, Truth or illusion, so does our reality shift.  We have denied because we have been perpetuating beliefs that have us believe we are so far removed from our Source.  The reality is the exact opposite.  The Source in within and never leaves.

When the thought arises, the “shadow” or “the scary place,” we might say, we need not quickly toss it away, deny it or make it wrong; for when we do, we act impulsively and with guilt, and then claim victim without a choice.  Instead, therefore, we do our best to sit with the shadow longer and in deep contemplation, we make the discernment of what our heart feels is “good,” compassionate and loving.  This simple act is an automatic clearing of perception into true awareness, formless and within us all.

The clearer our perception the greater our chance of peace, unconditional love, harmony and joy.  A person may wish to deny the desire of these things because somewhere in life, he/she learned differently, opposite to what is true.  However, the past is past and we can not bring it here to excuse us of our habits, tendencies and impulsive nature.  Instead, we must choose consciously.  We must see the choice is there and have the desire to raise our perception to light, to higher purpose, to compassion and heart.  Also we must forgive ourselves and give our reactivities and judgments, fear and shame to the Love that takes it all way.

“Now is the time when I let go of my Fears, ambitions and sense of dread. when I give up control and let you hold me with no resistance in my soul…This is the day when I throw it all away to the fire of the all loving one. Now I have just what I need to feel free to be who I really am.. .  Lyrics by Jaya Lakshmi.



February 23, 2013 · 5:49 am