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Spirit: where no ego lives

Do you ever notice that you are fighting with yourself.  While gurus and spiritual teachers, myself included, talk about these 2 minds- ego and Self- its equally important to recognize that as stated in Course in Miracles,
“Salvation comes from my one Self”
Lets face it, it is hard to fight, taxing on the body, mind and spirit.  When we are working to undo our fearful thoughts, which the ego really needs to hold onto, then it is difficult to really receive the healing, gentle and loving nature of the One Self.  When we are fighting, we are not accepting and we are not trusting; it is from acceptance and trust that joy, peace, and love, a.k.a. salvation, reside.
So here is another teaching:
there is no ego.
My friend visited and brought this to me this weekend.  At first, I resisted this teaching because I have seen many miracles happen while going beyond my ego’s fearful thought system.  At the same time, what is being said is similar to the Course’s teachings that until I can recognize the Spirit as the One Self, until I can trust and accept the I AM, then peace or salvation can not reign here on Earth.
Being perfect is a fundamental Truth of who we are in Spirit.  However, if we want to focus on our bodies, how much our bodies can be perfect, then we divide ourselves.  Firstly, this is due to the fact that there are infinite ways to grow and stretch; our imperfections, as seen in the body’s eyes, will always limit our thinking if we focus there for too long.  With that said, focus today on the Spirit- by focusing on the Spirit, the energy of joy, peace, happiness, love and freedom,  the ego can not touch us.  When we focus on the spirit, we are going beyond the ego into no ego, into the One Self where also “salvation” lives.  In other words, when we focus on the spirit of peace, joy and love, then we are resonating within a state of grace, of Heaven, thus bringing more of it to the world.  
Be happy!!  En- JOY!!!

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