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The Willingness to Move Forward

 “Prem means love, devarahi means a divine pilgrim. The full name will mean a divine pilgrim of love. Life is a pilgrimage, and unless love is attained, it remains only a pilgrimage never reaching anywhere. It goes on moving in circles and never does the moment of fulfillment come when one can say ’I have arrived. I have become that for which I had come. The seed is fulfilled in the flowers.”
 Osho,  “Don’t Look Before You Leap”
The willingness to move forward is not a horizontal view but a vertical one.  It is the willingness to see one’s worth, stepping into the unknown with love, courage and compassion; at the same time, it is leaving love present through circumstance and situations, being grateful for life experiences, the wisdom cultivated in the process and the forgiveness that allows one to breath.  Moving forward in willingness, in love, is a gift to the world and is therefore returned, for what it requires is courage and the audacity to accept oneself completely, despite mistakes along the way.
The gift that willingness offers is a rebirth.  The death that occurs is the realization of worthiness and higher purpose.  For when one moves forward, despite fear and shame, they rescript the world’s belief in fear, scarcity, lack and limitation.  Invariably, these beliefs are overcome within the individual and as the seeker moves forward in willingness, their belief in love and purposefulness grows.
As courage and might within the individual grows, their beside him/her are mighty companions who wish to move forward in willingness too.  They may or may not be embracing the Truth fully; however, the more courageous the seeker becomes, the Truth unfolds before them and so too does their willingness.  As willingness grows within them, their light becomes joined and  thus, increases in value by those whom see themselves as “outside.”  In this, the fear to look inside dissolves and the world’s problems now become unmasked, seen as an inner problem that now has resolution.  The little willingness that is required is all it takes.
A time comes for the seekers of Truth to emerge more fully, embracing their gifts and shining light onto the world.  Now, that they are joined, the grandeur that he/she offers in presence, becomes multiplied and shared.  However, the seeker that walks in willingness also must walk with gentleness and therefore, the willingness to rest must always be remembered.  It is in times of rest that the seekers of Truth integrate and gather strength.

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